Thanksgiving Thoughts - 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe it's that time of year again.  Last year I wrote a message of thanks and gratitude to which I received an unexpected and somewhat overwhelming, yet very positive, response. Today I sat down with the daunting task of trying to follow that act.  This idea really made me think.  Rather than trying to recapture that message and moment I thought it better to build upon it. 

Hiring - Not as much fun as recruiting!

Gosh, isn’t it so much fun interviewing potential new employees.  Not!  You would think this would be second nature to me since I am a recruiter, and I spend about 75% of my week interviewing candidates.  However, hiring for your own organization is serious hard work!  

As a recruiter, I pride myself on being a perceptive, intuitive listener who is able to identify the right and wrong match for a particular position and organization within minutes of sitting down with the applicant.  It’s so exciting when I know I’ve found that perfect fit for my client’s position.  

New Year's Resolutions - I didn't keep a single one!

Happy New Year!

Whether we admit it aloud or not we all set our own personal New Year's resolutions-- I'm going to start going to the gym more frequently, I'm going to spend more time with my family, I'm going to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle, I'm going to be more organized -- just to name a few of mine from 2013. I'm guilty of making and breaking most of these same resolutions year after year. 

Thanksgiving Thoughts - 2013

Thanksgiving Thoughts

When I sat down to write this Thanksgiving greeting I considered writing the standard, "Thank you for your business" message followed by a polite "I'd like a second helping of it in the months to come" statement. Seemed like a good idea, quick, easy, and expected at this time of year. Unfortunately for me, it is not my nature to do anything quick and easy. I started thinking about my professional life, where it has brought me, and how I got here.

Small Details Can Make a Lasting Impression (Good and Bad!)

Attitude is Everything

So you’ve submitted your resume for a position.  You are waiting patiently by the phone for someone to call and continuously refreshing your email to see if you’ve received a response.   When you finally have the opportunity to have that initial phone call that you’ve been waiting for, be prepared – the person on the other side of that call is your ticket to the next step, and quite possibly future opportunities.  First impressions matter the most in this case.  Here are some things to remember.

Mom Says Patience is a Virtue...

Patience is a Virtue

Mom Says Patience is a Virtue… 

Growing up my mother always told me “patience is a virtue” and my typical teenage response was “I know and it’s one that I don’t have.”  Mom was right!  Today I find myself preaching that same advice to my candidates!  I suppose you truly do become your mother when you hit 35.  I never would have believed it!

No Show For An Interview -- Really?

No Show For An Interview - Really?

No Show for an Interview – Really?

 Please indulge me for a moment.  I promise there is a point.

Words With Friends (Candidates)

Please Think Before You Speak

Why don’t people think before they speak?  I mean really think about what they are saying and the meaning behind their words.   

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the following statements I could retire from recruiting tomorrow! So here’s some food for thought.  Let’s touch on some hot buttons.  Money.  Entitlement.  Appreciation.

I’m worth more money than I’m presently making.

Why You Should (Almost) Never Accept a Counter Offer

Counter Offer vs. New Job?

I don’t believe in absolutes and never is a very strong word.  There are certainly some instances when accepting a counter offer is mutually beneficial to an employee and employer but more often than not a counter offer is the beginning of the end. 

I’m not going to write anything mind-blowing or share any new revolutionary ideas on this topic.  It’s very simple.  Declining a counter offer is just plain common sense.

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